The treatment goal for any benign brain tumor is to eliminate the tumor while preserving neurological function. Because of their location in proximity to delicate brain structures, acoustic neuromas are a complicated treatment problem. The best care for the patient with acoustic neuroma is provided by specialized professionals who have significant and on-going experience in their treatment. An acoustic neuroma is one of the small number or brain tumors that must be attended to by physicians who specialize in and frequently treat this condition.

The majority of patients diagnosed with acoustic neuroma do have treatment for the tumor. Because acoustic neuromas are typically benign, slow-growing tumors, the necessity for treatment is not usually urgent, allowing patients time to research their treatment options and find an experienced team to manage their care. Some patients who decide to have their acoustic neuroma monitored (rather than have radiation therapy or surgery for the tumor) do not exhibit significant changes in the tumor over time as documented by MRI Scans. For those patients who require immediate treatment of their acoustic neuroma either because of its size, its growth or change in shape or the urgency of their symptoms, surgical removal of the tumor is the preferred method of treatment.